Summer Rush

Summer is real close and everyone is getting ready for the beach and pool season. You have your BBQ ready and have everything planned to the last detail, but there is one thing missing. What is that you ask? You look in the mirror and notice that your body as stayed behind and you panic. What will I do in such a short time? I need to get results now. This is what many people experience the few months before summer begins and they tend to find things to make them lose weight. I will be talking about the dangers behind what I will call “The Summer Rush” and what you should do instead.

I like to read and do a lot of research on the latest things in fitness including weight loss pills and other supplements. It is insane how many products these large companies produce every year. The same way that these companies produce products so do other smaller and less recognized companies. I have to say that I have nothing against companies and their supplements but what I am trying to express is to first research what you will be ingesting before going out and buying them. Recently I had someone approach me with the name of a new weight loss pill which I had never heard about. They explained that it had just recently been produced and that there were great testimonials. So, like I always do I go and research it first. You would be surprised of everything I found about this product. I was in total awe and just could not understand how people can lie to people or put them at risk of death just to make money from a product. I will not go into complete detail but the product was a total time bomb and it contained ingredients used in some anti-depressive drugs. If you want to invest in some weight loss or fat burning pills the first thing you need to do even before research is to fix your diet.

Diet is the key to your desired body, and it should be your number one concern all the time. Supplements, if ever needed, come after because that is why they have that name; they supplement what you already do. They are an add-on to possibly give you that last touch or improvement you need. Sometimes you do not even need products because you are able to work with your diet perfectly. So what should I do concerning my diet then? If you would like to find the correct type of plan you need then I would highly recommend talking to a certified nutritionist or dietitian. Something that helps me is to first make a list of everything I need before going to the grocery store to buy so the temptation of buying unnecessary things is lowered. Try your best to have a scheduled eating regime.  Eat every 3 hours to maintain your metabolism working constantly. You can have your 3 regular meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then add a snack in between your meals and there you will have 6 meals a day. Now the thing is that what you eat needs to be healthy foods high in nutritional value and low in or no processed, refined, or unhealthy fats; so stick to whole foods. Last but not least is cardio and resistance training. Cardio will help burn those extra calories and help with fat burning while resistance training will help make your muscles stronger and toned giving them a nice shape. Like I said, before you start any routine or regimes please consult your fitness professional or doctor.

I want to finish by saying that everything is possible but you need to first make sure that everything you do is not going to harm your body. Please do not fall for false advertising and do your research. What might work for your friend might not work for you, always be aware of that. Be consistent and your results will show much faster. Use these tips wisely and summer will be amazing for you.

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